Giving allows you to partner with the Church to love, connect, serve, & make a difference in the world! 

Ways to Give:

  • PayPal
  • Etransfer - sent by email to
  • Montly preauthorized remittance (PAR) - by either bank account or credit card.Please leave a message for Barb at 604-931-8555
  • Credit Card by phone - Please contact Barb at 604-931-8555 to provide the necessary information
  • Cheque - Mail to Como Lake United Church,
    • c/o 1000-1110 King Albert, Coquitlam, BC V3J OM7

Please note to which of the funds you wish to donate and in what amount. 

    1. Local  ministry (our church community)

    2. Benevolent (people in need)

    3. Capital Fund (building, property) 

    4. Wider Church Work (Mission and Service, Share Food Bank, First United Community Ministry)

*All donations over $25 will be issued a tax receipt at the end of the calendar year.


How much do I give?

We encourage our congregation to give to the church according to equal generosity, not equal amounts, so giving a portion or percentage is a helpful guideline.  We’ve been amazed at how generous people can be when they believe in what they are supporting.

Leaving a Legacy to Como Lake United

After you have remembered your loved ones, consider including our church in your will.  Whether your estate is large or small, a bequest to Como Lake United Church can have a substantial impact.  Writing or changing your will is not the overwhelming task you might imagine, but we do recommend that you use the services of a legal professional.  You can choose a specific dollar amount, or a specified percentage of the residue of your estate as part of your legacy. 

Be sure to specify Como Lake United Church,  1000-1110 King Albert, Coquitlam, BC V3J OM7 to ensure that it comes to the right place.