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We are still an active congregation, doing ministry!

Here are some of the ways in which we are participating in God’s work:

Prayer for congregation, friends, family and our redevelopment project,

Sunday Worship and Fellowship time,

new Sacred Service Teams, Pastoral Care Connecting Team and Visiting Team,

Tuesday Lakeshore Walk ,

Potluck Suppers,

Vision and Planning Council (VPC) meetings and research, CRT (Como Repurposing Team) meetings involving our new building ,

Bible study groups,

Theatre and discussion,

Thrift Store Coffee group gatherings,

Finance Team meetings, training of new people in the duties of day-to-day financial record-keeping and transactions, 

Trustees meetings,

UCW meetings,

Church fundraisers,

UCW Unit and Executive meetings as well as outreach projects and preparing to be part of St. Laurence Quality Fair November 16th… and you can probably name more!

Thank-you to all who are supporting this congregation through your presence, prayer, energy, skills and financial offerings. We are the church together!