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Recently, a group of congregants from Como Lake United stayed after service to take part in a short Web Discovery Forum.

We wove webs while learning and talking about the lessons of the spider. Each web was as unique as the people who built it.  You can view photos  of some of the baskets in this post.

 We learned that:

  • The web is the information of the internet – the text, images, audio, video, animations and connected links.
  • The web reminds us that the world is woven around us and is bigger and stronger than we are by ourselves.
  • Maintaining balance is important because everything you do and experience now is weaving what you will encounter in the future.

We identified web audiences for the Como Lake Website:

  1. The non-church goers
  2. Como Lake United congregants
  3. Other Christians

The groups were then asked to answer the question:

Who and what do you want woven into your web?

Each person was asked to select one object to add to the web baskets and tell us about what that represented for them.  Here is some of what was chosen and said:

Butterfly – change

Ear Buds – music for all

Toothbrush – Spiritual Cleanliness

Flowers – Growth in the spirit

Fish – hook people up with programs

Fishing Pole – reach out to community

Storage container – meals for others

Mirror – friendship for self

Butterfly – God’s creation

Flowers, appreciation for what we have

Baby Booties – ministry for babies

Band-Aids – healing

Runners – walking spiritual practice

Key – open doors

Christmas Napkin – Christ

Car Freshener – Holy Spirit refreshes us

Recorder – music

Socks – First United – “We Will Deliver”

Ball – the World is diverse – reach out

Flashlight – Jesus as “Light of the World”

Toothbrush – Spiritual Hygiene

Butterfly – Transformation in all we do


Lessons from the spider included:

  • Spiders are timid and do most of their creative work in the dark
  • Spiders spin a guideline that they reinforce frequently
  • A spider web is really the ting together of loose ideas
  • Spiders fill gaps that they can’t span by crawling

Attached is a printable file on other things we learned about spiders – you can see a visual of our Iconic Spider Web and our Web Discovery Baskets on display in the Coffee Hall.