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            Welcome to this new Worship series in the season of Easter! In these next weeks we will continue to celebrate and contemplate what we are astounded to proclaim with the first disciples at the empty tomb: The Lord is risen!

                This Sunday we begin a brand-new series called W.A.I.T. which is an acronym for Watch, Ask, Imagine, Trust.

                After the first Easter, Jesus’ disciples wait…they watch and wonder what is happening. They experience Jesus in a new way…encountering him on the road to Emmaus, in the upper room, by the lakeshore…not recognizing him at first… They are asking, trying to understand what life will be like with Jesus in this new way…called to trust in his promise to be with them always…

                We are also in a time of waiting today. We are watching and wondering what is happening in our world  close by and afar. We are asking how we will get to some new sense of normal…trying to imagine living differently…trusting that, somehow, we will be able to flourish, grow and thrive because God is bringing new life.

                Through this series we are going to explore how we can imagine and trust the Living Spirit of Jesus at work in such a time as this.

                We are grateful for the Spirit at work in our worship collaboration with Inlet, Golden Ears, and Como Lake United churches this past year.  We look forward to worshiping together online for these next 5 weeks up to Pentecost Sunday. After that, each of our congregations will move into our own different ways of worshiping online, trusting that we will be guided by the Spirit.

                We trust that the Risen Christ, the Living Spirit of Jesus, will lead us all and meet us in the present moment and also up ahead...wherever we are on the road.