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Greetings! Let the Peace of Christ dwell in you richly…

I am awe-struck when I see the discipline, dedication, and delight of the young man we see training whenever we walk our local running track. It is stunning to watch him…dash is not even the word…fly is more like it! I literally have been stopped in my tracks, beholding this wonder. Words fail to express it. This man is training for a sprint…a short-distance run.

As I heard it said recently, in this pandemic, we are in a marathon, not a sprint! And, as you know, a marathon also requires disciplined training. Since the pandemic has hurtled us into what we hoped would be a sprint, but we are finding to be a marathon, what faith training/practices can we draw on, enhance, take up, or renew in order to be equipped for this walk/run?

  • Protecting human life is first and foremost…considering the most vulnerable needs to be a priority…faith needs to be something that keeps them safe
  • This pandemic is “the great reveal”. It reveals the resilience of our community in dealing with crisis…we have had to re-invent and re-imagine our faith through history…we have adapted…and life, community and relationships have helped us weather the storm…and will do so moving forward
  • The pandemic tests our resolve…the stakes are higher for us all…there are many pressures on couples and families…worry about where the world is going…people are turning or returning to faith… Pray…deepen your life of prayer, protect and nurture life, forgive one another…get outside and enjoy creation


In the interview this morning, faith community leaders offered the following info:

  • All are offering spiritual practices, teaching, times of worship and other gatherings online for the most part…and recognizing the gifts and challenges of connecting virtually
  • For any who plan to re-open under the present restrictions, much is required in terms planning, protocol and sanitation…some plan to start with outdoor gatherings…

The Pacific Mountain Regional Council of the United Church policy on re-opening can be found here:

Your Como Lake Council will be meeting Tuesday to prayerfully consider the next steps for this congregation. Please keep us in your prayers.

Especially with some restrictions being lifted…the information and our possible choices can be confusing and overwhelming. Join us as for Open the Eyes of My Heart this Sunday in Worship, where we will explore what it means to look through the eyes of our hearts, especially in our current context.

During this series we ask you to have a few items ready with you for worship:

- heart stone/s, sometimes called worry stones (some smooth stones you can paint or decorate with markers…you might put hearts on them or other designs)

- a candle to light

- some food and/or beverage to enjoy during the service when we refer to it or during the Zoom coffee hour directly following Worship

  • A reminder that if you want to be part of the welcoming chat at worship on YouTube, you will need a Gmail address…but only if you want to chat.

Next Sunday, May 31st, we will celebrate Pentecost and partake in Communion (yes, at home )! Watch for more details in next week’s update.

Final reminder for sign up - Group Subscription rate for Broadview Magazine  Broadview Magazine is the new format of what used to be called The United Church Observer. The group subscription rate is $25 per person per year (costs a bit less than the individual rate). If you are not already on the Como Lake subscription list and would like to sign up, please email or call the church, leave a message, and someone will get back to you to get you on the details. Find info about the magazine at

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Grace, Peace, Wisdom…and unexpected blessings to you and yours.

 Rev. Jan