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"Bring me a worm that can comprehend a man, and then I will show you a man that can comprehend the Triune God."  John Wesley

Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost* to honour the Holy Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God has revealed Himself in Scripture—as one God eternally existing in three Persons.

Within us and around us there is an invisible world; this is where each of us comes from ... When you cross over from the invisible into this physical world, you bring with you a sense of belonging to the invisible that you can never lose or finally cancel ... When you enter the world, you come to live on the threshold between the visible and the invisible ... Because the invisible cannot be seen or glimpsed with the human eye, it belongs largely to the unknown. Still there are occasional moments when the invisible seems to become faintly perceptible ... Now you belong fully neither to the visible nor to the invisible. This is precisely what kindles and rekindles all your longing and your hunger to belong. You are both artist and pilgrim of the threshold.”                                        ~ from Eternal Echoes by John O'Donohue

*Pentecost marks the end of the Easter season for Christians and commemorates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the early followers of Jesus. On Pentecost Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate this holy day, with symbols of flames, a dove and wind marked throughout churches. 

The Pentecost was a monumental turning point in Christian history, considered to be the birthday of the church and is a watershed event in Christianity.