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Travelers in Time[1]


Let us gather now,

friends of Spirit – travelers in time –

   to hear the story

   of Love’s evolving narrative.


In this sacred space,

we release into the present,

   laying aside all worries, plans,

   and complaints,

   entering into the now

   of Mystery’s eternal temple.


In this sacred space, we honour our past,

retelling the great story of deep time

as Spirit’s unfolding tale,

   giving thanks that a whole universe

   is gathered up in the likes of us –

   tradition’s promise.


In this sacred space,

we consent to the allurement

of an unrehearsed future,

   from where the living Word

   woos each one of us toward

   our unique expression –

   that is Spirit’s dream.  Amen.

[1] Bruce Sanguin, If Darwin Prayed, page 108