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The Traveller’s Homage[1]


We open now

to the way of the magi,

wise ones not afraid to journey

across the borders and boundaries

that mark the territory of the tribe

to what Spirit is doing in another country,

another tradition, and with other people.


We learn to lay our gifts before the Gift of God,

to follow the bright and beckoning star of our future

across deserts of unknowing,

mountainous obstacles,

and valleys of despair

to make an offering of our lives

to the “new thing” our God is birthing

in a land where we have never been.


And then, Holy One,

lead us back home on the path of the star-gazing sages,

choosing back roads and fresh vistas,

safe from Herod’s hoard and the passport-phobic.

Laden with spiritual gifts - new sounds, tastes, and sights

of the star-blessed stable where you were born

and the beckoning mangers where you are still being born -

we discover that “home” is an expanding house,

as large as a cosmos,

as close as our hearts.


[1] From If Darwin Prayed, Bruce Sanguin. Page 31