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Grace and Peace to you and your household!

In this time of spring, when the blessings and gifts of creation and Creator are so abundant and evident in the greening new life around us, I invite you to the practice of blessing others. Blessing is something we can do anytime, anywhere. How about starting with this one below from Philip Newell’s Celtic Treasure?  It can be said/prayed in various situations/ the end of meal the opening or the close the day, on a walk... I invite you to learn this blessing by heart and pray it from the heart, so that the blessing can deepen in you, bless and transform you -  even as the blessing you speak blesses others.  I pray this blessing today.

Will you join me?
Rev. Jan

The blessings of heaven, 

the blessings of earth, 

the blessings of sea and of sky. 

On those we love this day 

and on every human family (add specifics if you wish…)

the gifts of heaven, 

the gifts of earth, 

the gifts of sea and of sky. Amen. 


(We bless and pray this in the name of and trusting in the Love of Creator, Living Word and Holy Spirit, One. Alleluia!)