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Summer Blessings to you!

Well, according to Daphne Bramham’s article in the Vancouver Sun yesterday (see link* below), I’m not alone. She makes no bones about how the daily decisions of pandemic living can wear us down… ”the micro-decisions and micro-irritations” as well as the myriad emotions that accompany the uncertainty of this time: grief, loss, isolation, frustration, sadness, exhaustion, fear…the list could go on.

Ms. Bramham longs for some certainty. Something we can count on. A new normal…and soon. Who can argue with that?

I think Jesus brings us real hope here. He points us to what/Whom we CAN count on always. In the midst of all our very real situations, emotions, and longings of today, we can trust that God’s Love and Grace and Peace are at work. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us, among us…it is like seed generously scattered everywhere and bearing fruit in the good soil of open hearts and lives. A faithful promise from the One who will not leave us or forsake us. Our part is to be open and respond to the Holy Nudges.

Stay safe. Be kind. Stay calm.

*link to Daphne Bramham article


Connecting in Prayer

May there be bread for the journey,

May there be friends along the way,

May we dare to dream and laugh and love,

And seek justice every day.


May God’s presence give us wisdom,

May God’s presence grant us peace,

May God’s be the hand that gives us strength,

May we hope in the promised Feast.


(Keri Wehlander - Circles of Grace, page 79)


Christ’s Light of Grace, Peace,

Faith, Hope, and Love to all.

Rev. Jan