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We are STILL God’s caring community:the Hands, Feet, and Heart of God

There are many ways to live out your commitment to be God’s hands, feet, and heart in the community around us. Different kinds of gifts that you can offer. Each kind of gift contributes in its unique way. But each is a different kind of currency. For instance:

Time, Ability/Skill/Sacred Gifts, and MoneyYour time is given/offered in your prayer, worship participation, learning, connecting, and serving.

Your skill/ability/Sacred Gifts are given/offered in living out the purpose, call, and sacred gifts that God has given you.

Your money is given/offered to sustain the gathering together and connecting of this faith community to worship, learn/train, and grow in your spiritual lives in order to go out and share God’s love with others in your unique way.

Please prayerfully consider your giving/offering in each of these currencies. Each one is important for each one accomplishes a different thing.

Stewardship means caring for our mission in God’s world in all ways.