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The Day of Pentecost - the outpouring of the Holy Spirit- jump-started a 'Spirit Zone'.

It was an experience Jesus had promised. It amazed and pretty much confounded both those who experienced it and those who scoffed at it. One thing was certain, though: something happened! Not only that, but Peter and the other disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit, could actually make connections for the people about what was happening. 

And it didn't end there, 2016 years ago. What a rip off that woudl be! 

In the current sermon series, I reflect on the Spirit Zone today, which is a way of talking about being alive in the flow of God, experiencing the moving of the Spirit, being empowered. I learned the term 'Spirit Zone' from Paul Smith, who wrote Integral Christianity, and whose teachings resonate deeply with my spiritual journey.

The church is in a profound time of change today, which makes being in the Spirit Zone so critical - and such an adventure! In the Spirit Zone, we listen and attend to changes and shifts in and around us.