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2000 years ago, into the world of fear, scarcity, oppression and violence, Jesus brought Freedom from Fear and Freedom of Faith in a Loving God, Author of the Universe “in Whom we move and live and have our being.”

Jesus’ disciples started communities living the Gospel of Abundant Life in Freedom, where people's lives were changed for the better to make this a better world by putting into practice the love of God, neighbor and true self.

The leaders and hierarchies of the gospel of scarcity, ruling by falsehood and fear, hijacked Jesus’ Gospel by creating the most oppressive Church-State ever seen.  Illiterate people, in dread of a punishing god,  served as slaves to make the rich richer.

 Then 500 years ago Martin Luther posted 95 theses at the Wittenberg Church Door to reclaim Jesus’ Gospel of Freedom Faith challenging the ruling hierarchy’s gospel of fear and scarcity.

Luther was threatened with death if he did not publicly recant and bow down to almighty Church-State. Before he could get killed, Luther mysteriously disappeared. Some knights hid him in a castle where Luther translated the Bible from original Greek manuscripts into the German language, which the knights put into the hands of the people - that spread like a blaze of freedom across Northern Europe. 

Without Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation, you and I would not have public education, the flourishing of science, democracy or the UN Charter of Human Freedoms today.

Present day, there is once again a hierarchy of leaders is emerging with the gospel of fear and scarcity to manipulate and control our society. How do you and I deal with this local and worldwide crisis?

 One thought is to start a NEW WITTENBERG DOOR with postings that will double voter turn-out for the coming election to improve our sense of community, double our volunteerism, and help the homebound.

What is YOUR Wittenberg Door?


Rev. Gerhard