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This is the blessing that Rev Jan delivered at the Press Conference on the re-purposing of Como Lake United April 13, 2018


Holy God, heart of love and beauty and grace and enough for all...

We are grateful to gather here in freedom and to address the challenges facing our society with creative ideas and plans.

We are grateful for the ministries, leaders and workers in all sectors who offer energy, good-will, and resources to hold and carry out a vision of finding homes and community for people working hard to make ends meet.

Bless our steps toward this vision, that all may have shelter and all may have food for body, soul, and spirit… May our connections enhance relationships that become part of the healing and mending of our world.

There will arise unforeseen challenges and difficulties, which is life...

Bless our leaders and our people with wisdom and perseverance to address the challenges with creativity, compassion and a love that centers us in what is most life-affirming for all.