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We begin preparing for Lent on March 3rd... Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-21 will be our Scripture reading that follows the Transfiguration story. 

On our Lenten journey this year, the words of Scripture, Song, and the Poetry of Mary Oliver, enlivened by the Holy Spirit will be our guides for Sunday Worship and weekly practices. 

Oliver’s instructions for living a life will form the theme:

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.

Each week, biblical texts and Oliver’s poems illumine each other, pointing toward simple, powerful practices you can try yourself and/or with family and friends.  Please picke up your Lenten companion booklet for Mary Oliver's poems and weekly worship themes and practices on Sunday, March 3rd at worship - or at the chuirch office during the week. The booklet starts March 6th, when the journey begins.  


God of the journey,

May these Lenten days be blessed

with prayerful silence and holy wisdom.

May they be filled with surprises and laughter,

comfort, and perhaps even

uncomfortable insights.

May I be open to receive the ancient stories anew

so that I may live, transformed,

into new understandings and new life.