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Spirit’s Cry

– Bruce Sanguin, If Darwin Prayed, page 64

Psalm 22, Matthew 27: 45-50


O Holy One,

be with us in this dark hour

as we face our collective shadow.


We do not do the things that make for peace

but rather do the very things that lead to violence.

We are slow to shed our ignorance

and quick to justify our foolishness.


Our planet joins our lament.

The lost souls of extinct animals,

and those soon to be gone forever,

cry out this day with the Christ:

“Why have you forsaken me?”


The poor, the left-behinds, the humble ones

living in ghettos from Rio de Janeiro to Calcutta to Port-au-Prince,

to the forgotten reservations of our own nation,

cry out this day, along with the Christ:

 “Why have you forsaken me?”


May this story break our hearts,

our minds, and our spirits wide open,

that we might hear Spirit’s cry:

“Why have you forsaken me?”


Help us to die with the Christ

that we might also be raised with Him,

and with all creation,

and discover our true nature,

one with your breaking heart.