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     In keeping with Earth month - here is a You Tube that was made by Canadian Bob Scott and his many friends, as an Earth Day present to, well, the planet. If you like it,  the participants ask that you please do pass it along.
     “Change is not borne in on the wings of inevitability,” Martin Luther King said, “it is carried in on the shoulders of those who bring it.” The 24 singers and musicians are listed at the beginning of the video. The rest of the credits are at the end. Something like 90 people made this project happen.


This guitar came from a timber, from the body of a tree
Through the workshop of a luthier, now it's on loan to me
And it's good company after dinner, and it fits my hands just fine
But some day another singer with a pair of hands like mine
Will coax out songs much prettier still hiding in its strings
And sing stronger, braver words than I could ever sing
And folks are gonna love it, of this I'm almost sure
So I'll take good care of it, ‘cause I'm borrowing it from her

Pass it along, pass it along
May it land in careful hands when we're gone
You carry it for a moment
But time won't loan it to you for long
You don't own it, pass it along

Please  look up the words for the rest of the verses...