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General Meeting of PMRC(Pacific Mountain Regional Council of the United Church)

Previously, this meeting would be in-person at a venue large enough to host a few hundred people from all over the Region. This year it will be online. We have had to learn a new platform (Whova) in addition to Zoom in preparation. It’s another learning curve. Fortunately there have been lots of tutorials offered.

There are a number of parts you may want to tune into. One is the theme speaker, Ron Heifitz,who founded the Center for Public Leadership and has taught Leadership for decades.: the practice of leadership in family, school, community, and our own lives. Ron has written books that many of us have referred to in our leadership in these times that present adaptive challenges that cannot be quickly “fixed” but rather require a different approach than most have been used to.

In order to hear Ron’s theme talks (and other parts of the meeting) you can register as a guest at PMRC GM2020 Registration.or take in what you wish (without registering) via the YouTube channel at this link: You Tube Channel Link The YouTube version will be available on demand after the meeting as well.

Details about the meeting are here: PMRC General Meeting 2020(includes agenda and times).

May this be an encouragement to you. In your prayers.Grace and Peace to you all!

Rev Jan