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at 10 am on Sunday May 24th

or ON DEMAND anytime after that

We have been celebrating Easter for an entire season and next week, Pentecost, is the last week of the Easter Season. But just like Jesus has been reminding his disciples since the resurrection, this is not the end of his presence with the world, but the beginning of how we will carry his heart within ours. And so it is. As we gather together today, and every time that we gather together–physically, virtually, in small groups or simply together in our memory of one another, Christ is still with us:

Today we commemorate the moment when the disciples witnessed Jesus’ leaving this physical world. After the resurrection, he had spent some quality time with them, helping them understand more about their faith and the continued mission that they must now carry on in the world. He asked them to encourage people to a change of heart–to believe in hope and life and love that was his message on earth. As we often do when we take our leave from someone we love, Jesus blessed his followers.


“Adapted from by Dr. Marcia McFee”