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Steve Bell  from his  Kindness Album Notes:

"Kindness… hardly a quaint sentiment… is fundamental to the fabric of authentic, good life. Neither utopian nor naïve, sustainable kindness flows from a deeply internalized knowledge of the kinship of all things. What the saints have ever known, that a lived conviction of positive regard for the other, cherishing  – even enemies – is the sanest way forward. Indeed, it is a fundamental intuition of my own Christian faith that understands God to be a familial communion; a unity of self-donation, mutual othering and ecstatic overflow, which issues forth as creation –  you and I, field and stream, songbird and leviathan, soil and sky.  It’s all-good. It’s kin(d).

....... I recognize that the simplest words carry the greatest freight:  Love, Kindness, Grace, Beauty, Truth, Goodness.  We know these profoundly and painfully in their absence.  But when they are present… glory!"

Take a listen to the video below.