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  *Official Board will vote on these Remits in  2017

            At the General Council meeting of the United Church in 2015, delegates authorized that 5 remits would be considered by congregations and presbyteries (others only by presbyteries).  The Official Board of Como Lake will be voting on Remits 1,2,3,4, and 6 this year.

            The remit material that the Official Board will be studying and voting on can be found on the United Church website at  If you would like to look at a printed version, there is a copy in the church office. Also, under Documents on the Remits page at,  you will find an updated Frequently Asked Questions document with questions related to all the remits.  Comprehensive study guides for each proposal and the remits themselves, as well as webinars and other info can also be found on the website.

 *On January 16th we will vote on Remit 1.