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Shepherd - Psalm 23 -

Bruce Sanguin in If Darwin Prayed


Tender God, we yield to your gentle guidance. 

Like a shepherd, you provide all that we need: 

you know when we should lie down and rest,

and when we should rise up and be on the move. 

Help us to trust the rhythms of the spirit;

lead us away from compulsive action

and the false peace of apathy.


You restore our souls.

We gaze into the still waters

and see ourselves clearly now:

reflections of your image

looking back with love.


You lead on the paths that are right for us

and for this planet. 

We trust your guidance. 

Even in the darkest valleys

and most treacherous passes,

the ground beneath us is firm,

and our confidence is great

that you are with us.


You, Great Shepherd,

the ground of our being,

do not desert us. 

Our cup overflows with gratitude. 

May our lives be filled with compassion and goodness: this is all you ask in return.