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Journey of the Magi – Following the Star

Epiphany, 2017

Reflecting on 2016...

...Praying it forward to 2017


Looking back on the past months of 2016,

choose an event, a time period, a transition,

or a decision, and ponder the following questions

that reflect on 2016 and then look to 2017

from the perspective of the journey of Epiphany,

the journey of the Magi...following the Star.


Rev. Jan


1.What was I seeking? What/Who might was seeking me?

  What beckoning star did I follow?

   What am I seeking going forward?


2.Who/What guided me? Who pointed the way?

   When did I feel most alive? Most depleted?

     Who/What could guide me going forward?


3.What were the dangers/difficulties of that time?

   What deserts, mountains, valleys did I encounter?     

   What/who helped me through?

   What inner strength did I discover/re-discover?

What might be the dangers going forward?


4.What gift/s did I bring in that time?

   What gift/s did I long to offer?

What gift/s do I bring going forward?

What gift/s do I long to offer now?


5.What new way home did I take?

   What backroads and fresh vistas did I find?

   What new habit/practice did I try?

   What were the turning points, the God-moments?

What new way home might I take going forward?