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Almost every morning we walk through the local inspiration garden on our exercise route. But on this morning I noticed that the planters were filled with new flowers. New flowers on this cool, dark, wet, November 1st morning…so I had to take a picture. They were lovely!  

We walked a few paces further and noticed that the grounds worker was cutting back the banana tree which is huge by this time of year. So we stopped and chatted with him. “I see you noticed my planters,” he said. “Yes”, I responded, “they’re beautiful. Hard to believe that flowers are still blooming at this time of year.”   “Yes,” he said, enthusiastically, “they’re my fall planters.”  

Then I mentioned the banana tree and how amazing it is that they are cut down and yet next year they grow back.   “Yes.” he responded with a big grin, “next year they’ll grow just as big.”  We thanked him for his work, told him we appreciate it, and walked on.  

What a simple conversation…that took a grand total of maybe 3 minutes, but what a difference it made.  I left the garden, feeling lighter…and grateful…  We had encountered someone who is doing what lights him up, doing what gives him life…and that rippled out and made a difference in our day and blessed us.  

Never forget that the small things that you do to bring joy within your life can radiate to others around you.  

~ Grace and Peace.    

                      Rev. Jan