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My sister’s grand-daughter, Ireland, was quietly playing one day at Grandma’s house, engrossed in what she was doing. At one point she went to the kitchen, took Grandma by the hand, and led her into the living room. On the floor were a whole bunch of stars! Ireland exclaimed, “See, Grandma, now you can look down and see stars.”

                Easter and Resurrection gives us this kind of opportunity for creativity, imagining, and wonder! As “grown-ups” it seems we need to be intentional about attending to qualities that come naturally to children.

As the adjacent poem/prayer exhorts: let’s welcome the Risen Christ walking through our walls of fear, breathing the fire of the Holy Spirit into us, offering us the peace of a renewed purpose...that there is work to be done proclaiming God’s love in many different ways! You have a place and a purpose in this world and Easter makes it so in real life...for all who say yes!

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!           

Rev. Jan




O Holy One,

we confess conformance to this world;

Easter happened last weekend,

and already we’ve already we’re living off leftovers.

We have returned to our routines,

and locked ourselves into familiar patterns

as the disciples locked themselves

behind closed doors.


It is good news indeed

that there is no hiding from the Risen One.

He comes as Destiny’s servant,

walking through walls of fear,

breathing the fire of the Holy Spirit

into our unbelieving hearts and

offering us peace

which surpasses all understanding:

the peace of a renewed purpose,

of a blessed unrest,

of realizing that the Easter story

is about our own resurrection after all,

and that there is work to be done:

proclaiming God‘s love,

healing the broken-hearted,

speaking out for creation,

and above all,

opening to the evolving push and pull

of Spirit’s call.


O Risen One,

breathe on us,

set us on fire and sent us out,

that we might rise from our graves of fear

and go forth boldly as your Easter people.


Bruce Sanguin, If Darwin Prayed, page 76-77    John 2-:19-29; Luke 24: 36-43