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When you drive by our vacant, fenced lot at Marmont and King Albert it is difficult to image the flurry of activity that has been going on in the offices of our development team recently.  This is detailed work involving the Development Manager, the Architect, the General Contractor and BC Conference as well as other consultants and lawyers.

A 5 storey building on a good sized piece of land is an involved undertaking.  In this kind of Project, budgets need to be managed, conditions need to be met for BC Housing final project approval, and the City of Coquitlam requirements for excavation and foundation permits etc. are required.

If all goes well, our team hopes to begin the next step, “digging the hole”, by the second week in January 2019.

What can you do?

Continue to pray, especially for the people who are working so diligently on Como Lake's behalf.