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We live in exceptional circumstances. For many it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under us. When this happens, alarms go on in our brain, we can feel anxious, and cognitive function can decrease from “fuzzy brain”. So it is important to get to know the know they will ease up…and be generous and compassionate with ourselves.

This advice plus plenty of pandemic practices are from Rev. Diane Strickland in her videos at  “…whatever you offer to others, offer to yourself…praise, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, understanding…”

Be Kind

Dr. Bonnie Henry encourages and inspires us to "be kind". Recently, TIME magazine released an entire issue dedicated to the power of kindness...and connects it to compassion, as the real secret to happiness and wellbeing, to self-forgiveness, which can be more difficult than forgiving others (not a surprise to many of us), and to learning to treat our family like strangers, (what if we thought of our family as our closest neighbour, as in Love your neighbour as yourself?), offering basic kindness, respect, and presence.

It turns out that "be kind" is multi-layered, related to Jesus’ greatest commandment, and just what we need to practice right now, God being our helper!