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New Sunday Worship Location for the Interim


On Sunday, April 8th we are moving our Sunday

Worship Service to:

4 PM

at our interim location - St. Laurence Anglican Church,

825 St. Laurence Street

(near Como Lake Shopping Centre). 

The folks at St. Laurence congregation are happy walk with us, support our repurposing pilgrimage and lease their Sanctuary, Parish Hall and Kitchen on Sunday afternoons from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Coffee will follow the service.

Como Lake’s goal was to stay in this general area, rent space for morning worship stay within the church budget. 

Zoning and availability were two of the main challenges while searching for worship space. 

At the last Conversation Café it came to light that these goals and challenges can be either stumbling blocks or opportunities.

We are looking at our new 4 pm afternoon time for worship as an opportunity.