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June is a special month for many. Not only is it the beginning of summer with the joy of longer days with the sun’s warmth and the natural beauty that is bursting forth, June is also a special time of life-changing memorable moments for many. It is a month where we celebrate weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones.

It brings to mind the day when I felt I felt a firm hand on my head. That was a surprise. I had expected something lighter as I kneeled and heard the words spoken over me and to me at my Ordination:

“With a humble and joyful heart, know that you are part of a long line of Christ’s ministers called and set apart to serve God. And we pray: God of all times…of all lives…thank-you for Jan’s life, gifts and ministry. May your Holy Spirit continue to be with her and move in this moment that she may rise an Ordained Minister of Your Church. Amen.”

It was a day of emotional and spiritual bounty! It was the first day I got to serve Communion wearing the stole that had been specially made for me with some of my favorite things on it: mountains, sea, prairie, a horse, and the symbols of vine and branches, tree of life…

My long-time friend and mentor, Dorothy, was present, as were 2 of my amazing sisters from Manitoba, and Gerhard, my number one support and loving life companion…As I look back on that day I feel blessed once again by all the small and large ways that God’s love and the love of the people touched my life.

Life-altering events are important for everyone. I encourage you to share a milestone memory or two of your own with those near and dear to you and bring alive the goodness of God in our lives.