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Threshold Moment – A Taste of Praise


Psalm 34: Verse 8 says: "O taste and see that the Lord is good;
    happy are those who take refuge in him".


The psalms are full of praise both TO God and ABOUT God. Over the centuries, these psalms, as well as other words of poetry and inspiration, have been put to different styles of music for different generations…music to touch the heart…to connect us with the Source of Life and Love…to help us pray…


A praise service would normally begin with a substantial time of singing praise songs and praying…surrounded by the sound of piano, guitar, percussion instruments…and other voices singing praise…and creating a space for hearts to open to the healing, loving work of the Holy Spirit.


We won’t be able to do all that in online worship…which is why we are calling this A Taste of Praise. But we do hope that you will be able to enter in to the experience of praise…to sense the presence of God…experience the energy of love and support in community, knowing that, even from our individual homes, we are connected in the Spirit.


Today we see the fallout of this pandemic on so many levels…the fear, uncertainty, and confusion… Yet, as we keep ourselves open to God, we find that Love does speak in the midst of it all...that hearts are indeed transformed…that God is still making beautiful things of us!


And so we invite open your hearts and minds to where the Holy Spirit may move you and stir within you this day.