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We welcome two guests to our Worship. Rev. Ivan Gregan of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, will share his long time interest and research of the Celtic faith and practice…and local musician Amy Steven will offer special music from the Celtic tradition.

The Scripture is from John 1 and focuses on images of Word and Light and Life, which are very prominent in the Christian heritage that developed in the Celtic world. Hope you can tune in on Sunday or throughout the week for this taste of Celtic Worship! 


Celtic Benediction

Morning and Night Prayer

– J. Philip Newell

In the morning light, O God,

may I glimpse your image deep within me

the threads of eternal glory

woven into the fabric of every man and women.

Again may I catch sight of the mystery of the human soul

fashioned in your likeness

deeper that knowing

more enduring that time.

And in glimpsing these threads of light

amidst the weakness and distortions of my life

let me be recalled

to the strength and beauty deep in my soul.

Let me be recalled

to the strength and beauty of you image in every living soul.



– from the same book:

May the light of God illumine the heart of my soul.

May the flame of Christ kindle me to love.

May the fire of the Spirit free me to live this day, tonight, and for ever.