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Christmas is a time to live in wonder and joy.

More than parties and ornaments,

             it is a time for remembering how, in Jesus,

             God’s Love came to dwell with us

             and how this Love is borne

             through ordinary people like us.

I believe in the angel’s message

that we need not live in fear and stress,

that the Child of Bethlehem

is able to give peace to anxious hearts.

There are gifts even more important

than the ones under the Christmas tree,

like the things we teach our children,

the way we share ourselves with friends,

and the ways we set about reshaping our world.

I believe in going away from Christmas

as the Magi went: a different way home.

Not Herod’s way, but a life-giving way:

more centered and peaceful,

aware of holy moments

more thoughtful and joyful deep down.

And I believe that God will help me - 

that God will help us.