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 A Baptism of Belonging

Baptise us all, O Holy One,

into a new way of being,

a new humanity,

fit for the glory and dignity

of this one Earth community.


Blend with these baptism waters;

our tears for all that we have done,

and left undone,

all those we have left behind

and left unloved.


Drown us in the deep awareness

of the kin-dom of God,

of our radical belonging –

in you, with each other,

and with all creation.


Raise us up,

a new creation gasping for life,

that we might grasp the full extent

of the mystery of being –

Alive! Creative! Compassionate!


Now we die with Christ,

that we might also be raised up with Christ,

to throw our arms around this wondrous planet

in a holy and healing embrace.




Bruce Sanguin If Darwin Prayed (page 206)