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There is something powerful and transformative about learning and knowing and telling by heart. That's the essence of biblical storytelling...and any storytelling for that matter. We hope you will seriously consider participating in the festival this year. There are presentations and workshops for beginners and for seasoned storytellers. Come and see!

A reluctant storyteller…... and a seasoned scripture teller meet this spring in an online festival, and This Changes Everything. We know and feel the power of storytelling and hearing scripture told by heart - whether by the personal challenge of trying the practice, the euphoric sigh of a successful telling, the focused presence when being the listener, and all points of living story in between.

The Festival of Biblical Storytelling is for anyone interested in the Peacebuilding Power of Scripture Telling. It's an ecumenical gathering reaching across Canada and into the US, hosted by the Canada-based Network of Biblical Storytellers, in partnership with LeaderShift!

We encourage you to attend: bring friends, a group from your church, your church school teachers (the festival is an excellent complement to Godly Play), youth, elders, your ministry team! 

Early Bird Rate if you register before March 15th

Group Rate available (have fun naming your group!)

Details and registration are on the LeaderShift website (click).


 please note:

Sunday, April 11th - This Changes Everything

 Our Sunday Worship  will be with the Festival of Biblical Storytelling