"We need you and you need us..." Spiritual practice is not to do with age, but with widening, growing... being on the journey together... leaving the past behind and moving on...

Whether you are a seeker or a long-timer in spirituality and faith, we want to help you find your purpose, connect with apiritual practice and wisdom across the generations, and live fully at every age and stage of life. At Como Lake, spiritual practice is an interactive and inter-generational way of connecting our lives and our faith, and learning from one another.

There are 3 streams for exploring and growing in spiritual practice, faith and purpose:

SoulQuest - Who is God and what does that have to do with my life? What's my purpose in life now? How can I make a difference in the world? What spiritual practices will help me to get and stay connected to God, to my soul-life, and in life-giving ways connect and contribute to my family, coworkers, classmates, and community... being part of God's healing in the world.

LifeQuest -This is the place where life and faith/spirituality connect in practical ways. Through wisdom circles, workshops, retreats, conversations, studies, you can explore areas such as: How do I live out my purpose now? What healing or life repair do I need? How do I learn to be a mentor?

Oasis - Here you will find ways to nurture your soul through both rest and in connecting with others on the faith journey.