Our Purpose

We are Christ’s caring community
connecting  people with God and with one another
answering  God’s call  and making a difference.

Our Vision

We are joy-filled people
connected to our purpose
committed to one another
growing in faith and discipleship.

Our Core Values, rooted in Love

Faith – We live, grow and share faith in God as revealed in Jesus Christ:
faith that feeds the heart and soul.
Connecting – We joyfully connect with God, one another and community in ways that nurture belonging, communion and a sense of purpose.
Caring – We lovingly care for one another and the community spiritually, physically, and relationally.
Generosity – We generously give energy, time, talent and treasure for the good of others out of gratitude for God’s gifts.
Respect – We respect God, humanity and all creation in ways that embrace unity in diversity.

Approach to Ministry

We invite people to enter into and deepen their relationship with God as disciples of Jesus Christ in the context of a vibrant, healthy community of faith.  We nurture individuals as they  grow in their relationship with God and one another within a small group ministry and through the discipleship practices of regular prayer, worship, scripture reading/study, service, spiritual friendships, and giving.  In this we embody the spectrum of the 5 marks of the church:  worship, teaching and learning,  sharing our faith, building loving relationships, and service.