Thank you for visiting our website.  If you’re looking for a church home, we hope you will come and visit us.  We are a very friendly church!

Everyone is welcome to worship with us at 4 pm on Sundays.  The service concludes around 5 pm. 

There are 3 main entrances to the St. Laurence building.

  1. The front door on St. Laurence Street has a ramp for those with mobility issues. 
  2.  The parking lot glass door at the back of the building.  Enter  the parking lot from Bowman Ave. 
  3. The Daycare playground door on North East corner

When you arrive . . .

Our greeters will welcome you and give you a bulletin. Do let them know you are new so they can help you feel at home.  The bulletin has announcements as well as the order of service. Please feel free to sit where you are comfortable.

If you require a headset to enhance hearing the service, please let the greeter at the door know.


We are delighted to welcome children to our worship experience. There are coloring sheets, puzzles, books and various activities at the front  (first pew).  The children may take them to their seats or join in the fun at the table. We enjoy having children of all ages in worship.

The service

We sing several songs, listen to readings, join in some prayers, and listen to a message which relates the readings to our daily lives. The worship leader will indicate when to stand if you’re comfortable doing so, and when to sit. We do not kneel. 


We sing a variety of songs.  We stand for most of the songs but if you are unable to stand, please feel comfortable to sit and “stand” in spirit.  The words to the songs are included in the bulletin but if you prefer to use a hymn book, most songs are in the red hymnal in the back of the pew or in the soft-cover More Voices song book on the shelf at the side of the sanctuary near the organ. 


We celebrate the sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of the month, September to June. In the United Church all are welcome at the table – including children, if they wish.  If you are not comfortable, or feel you don’t understand the ritual well enough to take part, you are not required to take part.  We have two communion styles, the worship minister will explain which one we are doing and how to take part.

 The Offering

Offering a portion of our financial resources is a spiritual practice and an act of worship for Christians; it is an act of responding to God and an act of generosity. It is a symbol of our belief that everything we have comes from God. Offerings support the spiritual life and work of our own congregation and various programs across Canada and throughout the world which help others. As a guest, you are not obligated to give; however, if you would like to respond to God in this way, we appreciate your donations, which can be placed in the offering boxes before Worship, during the prayer candle-lighting time, or as you leave Worship. 

 Coffee Time

Following the service we gather in the Fellowship Hall for coffee or tea and conversation. Please join us so we can get to know you better.

 What to wear

You might find it helpful to know that many of our congregation choose to attend our worship in a "dressier casual" style. Please feel free to dress comfortably.

 We welcome you to worship with us, and we encourage you to check out some of our exciting new programs, events, and activities that span the generations.  We hope you feel at home.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or speak to one of the greeters or ministers at the service.