Building Re-Purposing Project

Please check this section often for Reliable Rumours regarding the ComoLake Building Re- purposing Project.

We are Building a Sustainable Church for our congregation and 75 Units of much needed Affordable Mixed Rental Housing with Studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments

Purpose of the Property as an Expression of

Our Vision and Purpose

Summary from Discernment Gathering

 1. To be a home base for this faith community in their ministry of...

2. To include a space for communal worship that is accessible, inspiring, flexible, and welcoming

3. To be a place that supports individuals and groups in deepening their contemplative, Spirit-centered, and faith-forming lives

4. To serve the ministry priorities of the congregation in ways that are aligned with our care for the environment, our faithful stewardship of resources and our appreciation of the interrelatedness of all living things

5. To be an attractive, welcoming, and accessible gathering place for all people in this neighbourhood

6. To facilitate the lively presence of people of all ages in such a way that diverse generational needs are attended to.

Why are we doing this repurposing?

New reasons have emerged over time:

~from presentation to Presbytery March, 2016

  •  Sustainability of people and resources
  •  Vision for a renewed congregation
  •  Housing that fills a community need
  •  To leave a legacy of faith and vision and a church space
  •  To pioneer a new initiative
  •  To benefit the wider church
  •  To connect in community and answer God’s call



Church building

Property Repurposing News

Two important notes from January. 1.  The City of Coquitlam put our Pre-application Report officially on their   intake list.  This 25 page booklet titled Schematic Design/Pre-Application has Design Rationale,... Read More